Employee Benefit Program FAQ’s

Once your bed has been manufactured at our plant and sent to the home delivery company, no, under normal circumstances, unless it has been determined that you have a warranty claim. All beds are otherwise non-refundable, non-returnable.

No, we have updated our procedure and now use a third party delivery agent which only delivers to residential addresses.

No, due to liability reasons, pick-up at the factory is not permitted.

Online orders can only be shipped within the 48 contiguous United States. However, Hawaii-based employees interested in ordering should reach out to us directly at hiltonemployees@serta.com. Unfortunately Alaska is not currently included in the program.

Using a third party carrier has allowed Serta to deliver to customers and employees all over the US and most of Canada. Our contracted rate includes two-person white glove in-home delivery, set up and removal of the old bedding and shipping materials.

We are required by state law to collect a Recycle Fee for all orders shipped to California, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The fee is mandated for all new mattresses and foundations, regardless of whether you plan to dispose of an old mattress upon delivery. For more details, visit the Mattress Recycling Council website.

Each of our hotel partners has a unique build to their mattress models. Due to construction differences and the differences in materials and innerspring units, there is no comparable retail model among the thousands of varieties to our hospitality models. The only way to find something similar is through trial and error at a retail store.

Hospitality models are not available in a retail or online capacity. The only place to see or try one of these models is at a partnering hotel which uses that particular product.

No, products are for corporate partner personal use only, not for use as gifts or for resale and/or online auctions. Deliveries must be made to the employee’s primary residential address.

As these products are made to order, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery

No, products are made to order only after payment is received. Delivery windows vary depending on the contracted carrier. There is no way to expedite or rush an order.